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No More Wasted Lives Campaign has begun, help us make our first goal of $40,000 by the end of 2023!

Dear CARE Supporter,

With your help, CARE is proud to say we have maintained an average live release rate, or positive outcomes, of 90% or above for the past six years!

We are only able to maintain these strong numbers and provide the best level of care with the support of our annual campaigns like No More Wasted Lives. No More Wasted Lives is one of our largest campaigns and is active until Jan 31st, 2024. We must reach our target of $40,000 by 2023 so we can continue our good works. We have big goals in 2024 to build a Memorial Paver Parkway so please consider donating before 11:59 pm on 12/31 to take advantage of charitable tax deductions for 2023.

No More Wasted Lives helps provide food, shelter and medical care for our animals in need. Your contribution ensures pets like Iggy, and Emma, some of our Lonely Hearts Club can have a chance for a better life. Our Lonely Hearts Club consists of pets who have been waiting on their chance at a forever home for longer than anyone else.

Iggy is our oldest resident in the Lonely Hearts Club. She prefers dogs who are laid back and on the calm side of life and would do best without cats. Iggy was recently in a foster home where she had no accidents, was great in her kennel, and respected her surroundings. This girl has an old soul and needs someone to share her kisses with. Iggy is spayed, microchipped, and heartworm positive, but that is okay because CARE

will help cover a portion of her treatment once she is adopted! Her most recent Foster said “Iggy is so lively and still young at heart! She loves to explore outdoors on her walks but when she’s done she becomes the world’s best cuddle bug whether it’s right next to you or right on top of you. She wants to give you snuggles and kisses to tell you how thankful she is to have a home. She has such good manners with everyone she meets. She does well in her crate, potty trained, and doesn’t pick up anything around the house so it’s left just how you like it! This girl keeps you smiling all day and can’t wait to do that for her forever home!” 

Emma is now our 2nd longest term dog here at CARE and we can’t figure out why. Emma is on the bigger side but that’s just more to love and cuddle with. She loves wrestling with other dogs and playing outside, but is not a huge fan of cats. Emma is an active girl but once she gets her energy out she will be just a large cuddle buddy while you watch some TV. Emma is spayed, microchipped, up to date on shots. She is heartworm positive but CARE will help cover a portion of the treatment when adopted! So come meet the girl that has no trouble winning hearts over. Her most recent Foster said “Emma loves car rides, toys, cuddles,water, and running! She’s an active girl, but also enjoys relaxing on the couch after a long day!“

Any amount makes an impact on the 200+ homeless pets in our care every single day. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for being part of the solution!

Can CARE Humane Society™ count on you for a contribution toward our goal? 

Your support doesn't go unnoticed and we are so grateful!

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