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Assisi Members

The Assisi Society was created in 2015 to honor those that have given over $1,000. We are so thankful for all that they have contributed to. Without their donations we wouldn't get the necessary items we need to keep running. 

*To become an Assisi Member, you must have an annual donation of $1,000 or more. For more information, please email Jenny at​*

Guardian's Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Woltosz

President's Circle

Barbara Hawkins Estate

Mr. and Mrs. Newell Floyd

Dr. Gerald Leischuck

Dr. Ann Pearson

Severns Family Foundation

Champion's Circle

Ms. Elizabeth Mueller

Dr. Kimberly Raines

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reinke

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Scott

Scott Bridge Company

Miss Emily Sexton

The Grace and Cliff Hare Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Tremaine

Mrs. Landa Trentham

Virginia Harriger Estate

Ware Jewelers

Blue Ribbon Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Adams
Alabama Power
Mr. and Mrs. Gaines Blackwell
Dr. Susan Brinson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Burkhalter
Mr. Dana Buttner
Ms. Marilyn Caine
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Callahan
Mr. Paul Casarona
Mrs. Jean Cassell
Ms. Auston Cherry
Mrs. Cheryl Chisholm
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Crowe
Delta Zeta Sorority
Mr. and Mrs. Haywood Dowdle
Ms. Ashley Durham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elder
Ms. Terry Evans
First Team Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gaston
Mr. and Mrs. Al Giffin
Ms. Joanne Gilson
Give Realty
Dr. Richard Glaze

Mrs. Beverly Golden

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gosser

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grisham
Gunners Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. John Hood
Dr. Kelly Hume
John Killmaster State Farm
Ms. Jennifer Kerpelman
Col. Robert Lindsay
Col. and Mrs. Glenn Long
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lundell
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Malzahn
Max Credit Union
Mrs. Timmie McErlean
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McLain
Ms. Amanda Medeiros
Mint Julep Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Mohrman
Ms. Melissa Motley
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Musser

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nacrelli

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Norton

Mr. and Mrs. James O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pearl

Dr. and Mrs. Joel Pittard

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Jamey Presley

R.K. Mellon Family Foundation

RTJGT Foundation

Mr. George Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schmitz

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Schneller

Dr. Peter Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Carney Sharpe

Dr. and Mrs. Herb Shivers

Mr. and Mrs. James Sipper

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sisson

Slocumb Advertising Services, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Smith

Mr. Roger (William) Smith

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Spencer

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spencer

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tole

Mr. Trilogy Executive Operations

UDA Technologies

Mr. Frank Uhlin

Mr. Scott Walker

Mr. and Mrs. James Ward

Mr. James Whatley

Kennel Master's Circle

Affordable Veterinary Services
Alpha Sigma Pi
Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Anderson
Mr Scott Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Ard
Dr. Marie Attleberger
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Atwell
Auburn High School
Auburn High School Volleyball Teams
Auburn Junior High School
Auburn SAVMA
Auburn Tire Service
Auburn University Bookstore
Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
Shelter Vets AUCVM

Mr. Carl Backman
Ms. Melissa Baggett
Mr. Russell Balch
Mr. Robert Ball
Mr. and Mrs. James Bannon
Dr. Nichole Barnes McElroy
Mr. Mark Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. James Batson
Mrs. Sandra Beall
Ms. Virginia Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beckwith
Behind the Glass
Dr. Ellen Behrend
Mrs. Mary Ellen Belcher
Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Benitez
Ms. Melissa Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Benrey
Ms. Carol Benson
Mr. and Mrs. William Bentley
Mr. Kevin Bevis
Big Blue Bagel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Karen Bobo
Mr. and Mrs. William Bolt
Mr. Michael Booker
Ms. Kathryn Booth
Mr. Rory Bourke
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brackin
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Britnell
Dr. Joanne Brown
Mr. Martin Burdette
Mrs. Kimberly Burk
Dr. Mary Burkhart
Dr. James Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carter
Ms. Anne Casey
Mr. and Mrs. William Caskey

Ms. Kali Chadick
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Chase
Chic Soul, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Childress
Dr. Lisa Christman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clark
Miss Carol Clemmons
Dr. Cason Coan
Coffee Cat
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Conner
Mr. and Mrs. James Cook
Mrs. Sarah Cook
Mr. and Mr. Bryan Cooke
CrossFit on the Plains
Ms. Nan Cunningham
Dr. Lindsey Daniel
Mr. John Dasis
Mrs. Deborah Dobbins
Ms. Anna Dobrenski
Mrs. Hermine Dodge
Ms. Ingrid Doerstling
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Drake
Mr. and Mrs. John Dunkelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dyas
Mr. and Mrs. William Dyas
E.L. Spencer Foundation
Eagle 1 Resources
East Alabama Medical Center
Dr. Robert Ekelund
Ellis-Harper Advertising
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Evans
Eyemart Express, LLC
Mr. Kermit Farmer
Mrs. Sherry Faust
Ms. Julia Fesperman
Ms. Jessica Feyen
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fowler
Dr. Lowell Frobish
Dr. and Mrs. Earle Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fuller
Ms. Allison Fulmer
Mr. Gene Gabbard
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gafford
Dr. and Mrs. John Gam
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Gilbert
Ms. Helen Gill

Mr. Michael Gittens
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Glasscock
Glynn Smith Chevrolet-Buick-GMC
Ms. Ashley Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Green
Mr. and Mrs. John Hadaway
Mr. John Hagerty
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Hamff
Mr. and Mrs. David Hamilton
Hamilton's on Magnolia
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hannah
Mr. Roy Harmon
Ms. Dee Dee Harper

Ms. Nancy Harris
Mrs. Barbara Hartwell
Mrs. Kathy Hartzog
Mr. and Mrs. John Hathcock
Mrs. Gloria Hayes
Mrs. Jenny Head

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Herman
Ms. Claudia Highfill
Mr. and Mrs. David Hill
Ms. Nancy Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. John Hornbuckle
Mr. and Mrs. David Housel
Mrs. Carol Houston
Ms. Katharyn Hovious
Hudson Family Foundation
Ms. Margie Huffman
Ms. Jacqueline Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. James Intagliata
Ms. Tracy Ireland
Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson
Ms. Trudy Jackson Hung
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Jaeger
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Jager
Mrs. Meloni James Birtley
Jean Morgan and Associates
Mrs. Joyce Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jennings
JMB & Son, LLC
Mrs. Daisy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Laurens Johnson
Mrs. Rebecca Johnson
Col. and Mrs. Scott Johnson
Ms. Emily Jones
Ms. Christy Jowers
Ms. Patricia Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kellum
Ms. Barbara Keown
Ms. Nancy Killian
Ms. Laura Kirkpatrick
Rev. Joyce Klein
Ms. Arely Kloss
Mr. Timothy Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Komitor
Dr. Robin Kurtz
Mrs. Lori Lahouse
Mr. John Larson
Mrs. Mary Jane Laumer
Leadership Lee County, Inc.
Ms. Abbra Lee
Mr. Daeyong Lee
Ms. Lisa Lejeune
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lemke
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Leslie
Ms. Nancy Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Lindsey
Dr. and Mrs. Lan Lipscomb
Mrs. Elizabeth Loseke
Ms. Catherine Love
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowder
Mrs. Ginnie Lunsford
Mrs. Carol Luther
Ms. Tina Lutzi
Lynch Nissan
Mammoth Printshop
Mr. and Mrs. David Marco
Ms. Jennifer Martin
Mrs. Takiko May
May Refrigeration
Dr. David Glen McClary
Mr. Kent McCrary
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McCreary
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCurry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald
Mrs. Anna Louise McKown
Mellow Mushroom

Dr. Carrie Melius
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Miller
Ms. Monica Miller Rodgers
Mr. Brett Mixon
Dr. Thea Moran

Ms. Julia Morgan

Dr. Steven and Mrs. Jennifer Morse
Mrs. Patty Mueller
Mrs. Stacy Negley
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nelson
Noggle Family
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oldham
Mrs. Stephanie Oliver-Lee
Ms. Mindy Owens
Dr. Sarawanee Parish
Mr. Cleav Peavy
Ms. Christy Pelham
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Perry
Pet Supplies Plus
Mrs. Rhonda Phillips
Mrs. Katherine Porter

Mr. Jim Powers
Prestige Properties
Prewett Insurance Group
Ms. Penelope Price
Mrs. Barbra Pritchard
Mr. and Mrs. William Ravis
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Reeder
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ricciardone
Ms. Rebecca Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. David Riese
Ms. Jillian Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. David Roman
Dr. and Mrs. William Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Salanitri
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Sampson
Ms. Elizabeth Sands
Maj. Edward Scherer
Ms. Michelle Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Settles
Ms. Mary Shalts
Mrs. and Mrs. Larry Shaw
Mrs. Jean Shell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shevelev
Mrs. Barbara Siegel
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Dr. Mary Simon
Mr. Patrick Slaughter
Ms. Carol Smith
Ms. Joelle Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith
Spa Auburn
Ms. Amanda Sparacio
Ms. Jessica Sparhawk
Ms. Sandra Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. James Starr
Mr. James Stelzenmuller
Mr. and Mrs. Iain Stewart
Ms. Mary Ann Stiles
Mr. Richard Stockton
Mrs. Juli Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sutterer
Ms. Jennie Swearenjen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Taylor
Ms. Ellen Wayles Terry
The Kasper Family
The Talons Group
The Wisdom Firm
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomson
Mr. Darien Thorson
Ms. Victoria Throckmorton
Dr. Michael Tillson and Dr. Patricia Rynders
Mr. and Dr. Ernest Todd
Ms. Barbara Tomek-White
Ms. Luanne Townsend
Mr. Aaron Trehub
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Tuck
Turner Insurance & Bonding Co.
Mr. Jimmy Tyler
University Ace Hardware
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Vinson
Mr. Ray Vinson
Ms. C. Dawn Visceglia
Mr. David Viszlay
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Wade
Ms. Cynthia Waller
War Eagle Garden Club
Ms. Anna Ward
Mr. Ronnie Ware
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Warren
Mrs. Julia Warren
Wayne's Pest Control
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weaver
Mrs. Anne Welch
Ms. Rainne Wells
Ms. Salisa Westrick
Ms. Barbara Whatley
Mrs. Brooke Wheat
Ms. Ragan White
Mr. Rick White
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wignall
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wilkinson
Mrs. Ann Willett
Ms. Annie Williams
Ms. Emily Williams
Ms. Ann Wilson
Ms. Arlette Wilson
Ms. Claire Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson
Ms. Julie Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson
Mr. Lauren Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Woods
Wrights Mill Road Elementary School
Dr. Beth Yarbrough and Dr. Mary Helen Brown
Yarbrough Tennis Team

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