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Doggy Date Program


Sign up to be a volunteer! You can do so here!


Go through manager orientation for dog walking.


to schedule a time


Complete three hours of training with a staff member. You can do so Tuesday-Sunday from 2:30-4:30pm


After you complete the training, you can now come to pick up an approved dog for a doggie date!


Bring them back by 4:30 pm so they can get settled in to their kennels before closing.

Our Doggy Date Program is a great way to get our pups out to be seen around town! When you participate in this program, you'll be provided with an 'Adopt Me' vest for the dog, a leash, some toys, and waste bags. You can take them to the park, to Starbucks for a pupp-uccino, for a jaunt around campus and any other place within the Auburn/Opelika city limits. You can even just take them back to your place for a quick cuddle session!

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