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Each animal has a unique story, yet all deserve hope for a better future. This summer, we're excited to embrace another "Summer of Second Chances" at CARE. We've worked tirelessly to ensure over 2000 homeless pets get the best chance at finding loving homes.But second chances come with costs. Medical treatment, care, and attention are vital to their journey. As any pet owner knows, it's a financial commitment, and we rely on your support to help them transition into healthy lives.


Expenses rise annually – from vaccinations to food and fuel. With more animals needing help, the strain on our resources grows. Yet, our mission remains steadfast: every pet deserves a second chance, especially during the challenging summer months when our shelter is full and animal surrenders increase. Your support keeps our mission alive.

If you've seen the life-changing impact of a second opportunity, you understand its significance. Help us give shelter animals a fresh start and the chance to find loving homes. Your support is crucial as donations cover 74% of our expenses. Let's create countless happy endings together!

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