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Meet the Volunteer Coordinator & Team!

Here at CARE we want every Volunteer to feel welcome, prepared, and confident every time they enter the building! To ensure their success, we offer digital training, basic onboarding, as well as group and one-on-one training sessions with our lead volunteers! 

Below you will learn more about Audrey, our Volunteer Coordinator, and her fabulous team of Interns and Volunteer Leads! 

Audrey Salazar

CARE Humane Society Volunteer Coordinator

Hey! My name is Audrey Salazar and I am the Volunteer Coordinator. I began working at CARE back in 2019 and have adored my time here so incredibly much. I am overjoyed that you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer! I can't wait to show you around and share this special place with you! 

I have two large dogs, pictured here! I adopted Shadow back in 2015 and Yaya from CARE Humane over a year ago! I began volunteering at my local animal shelter at the age of 10 and love being able to give that experience to others! 


334-821-3222 ext 1144


Meet the Interns

We have two Volunteer Coordinator Interns here who help with everything from emails to training! 

Meet Our Volunteer Leads!

These wonderful Leads are here to help incoming volunteers! Each of them specializes in a specific part of our volunteer program and they are here to help guide you through learning that task! Email or the individual emails listed below to schedule a session with one of them! *All sessions must be scheduled in advance. 

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