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Blind Doggy Dates at the Lee County Humane Society

By Morgan Allen, LCHS Volunteer, and Audrey Salazar, LCHS Volunteer Coordinator

The Lee County Humane Society has some exciting news to share! We just started a new volunteer program… Blind Doggy Dates! As an extension of our ‘Doggy Date’ program, this program encourages our volunteers to get out of their comfort zone, and be assigned to a dog to spend 20-30 minutes with, in one of our play yards, rather than picking their favorite!

This program is a fantastic opportunity for our volunteers who aren’t quite comfortable walking some of our stronger dogs, and a way for us to learn more about our dogs’ personalities! We also put these blind doggy dates in place to give more of our pups extra outside time to play in our yards, to get some of their energy out and to decompress, since we currently have so many who are stressed and overwhelmed in their kennels.

You just have to be an approved volunteer to get involved with this program. We have had over 30 blind dates already take place since last week, and over 20 more blind dates scheduled for the next week and a half, so it's going strong! We really hope it continues to be such a hit with our volunteers.

Some dogs have spent this time running around, some chewing on toys, some digging, and some just cuddling up with their volunteer. Whatever they choose to do, it is a fantastic way for our dogs to get some fresh air, exercise, and love/attention.

If you’re interested in this program, the first step is to become an approved volunteer! If you’re already an approved volunteer, email Audrey to complete the Blind Date Survey to find your perfect match, or matches.

Visit our website for the volunteer application, or email Audrey at with any questions or issues!

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