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Books N Barks At CARE Humane Society!

Written By Audrey Salazar

CARE Volunteer Coordinator

CARE Humane Society would like to remind our community about a monthly and unique event – Books N Barks. Scheduled on the first Monday of every month from 5 pm to 6 pm, this event is tailor-made for kids of all ages who share a love for reading and a soft spot for furry friends. It's an opportunity for children to engage with shelter animals by sharing the magic of storytelling. Continue reading to discover how Books N Barks is fostering connections between young readers and the animals awaiting their forever homes.

The Event

Books N Barks offers a chance for kids to immerse themselves in the joy of reading while

providing comfort and companionship to the cats and dogs residing at CARE Humane Society.

The event takes place within the shelter premises, where participating children can choose a

cozy spot outside the kennels to read to their four-legged audience. It's a heartwarming

experience that benefits both the children and the animals, creating a positive and comforting

atmosphere within the shelter.

Safety First

To ensure the safety of both the children and the animals, participants are kindly requested not

to handle the dogs during the event. However, they are encouraged to sit outside the kennels

and read to the furry residents, who eagerly listen and appreciate the companionship. This

precautionary measure prioritizes the well-being of all involved, making the event a safe and

enjoyable experience for everyone.

Parental Involvement

The involvement of parents or guardians is crucial during Books N Barks. A parent or guardian

must be present with their child throughout the event. This not only ensures the safety of the

children but also provides an opportunity for families to engage in a shared, meaningful activity

that benefits both the young readers and the shelter animals.

How to Participate

Securing a spot at Books N Barks is easy. Interested families can visit the CARE Humane

Society website at and navigate to the Volunteer tab. From there, they can

access the Books & Barks tab to reserve a spot for themselves and their child. By following this simple process, families can guarantee their participation in this heartwarming event that

promises to create lasting memories for both the children and the shelter animals.

Benefits of Books N Barks:

● Promoting Literacy: Books N Barks encourages a love for reading among children,

fostering literacy skills in a unique and enjoyable setting.

● Animal Companionship: Shelter animals benefit from the soothing presence of young

readers, creating a positive impact on their well-being.

● Community Involvement: The event provides an excellent opportunity for families to

get involved in their local community, supporting a worthy cause.

● Building Empathy: Books N Barks nurtures empathy in children by allowing them to

connect with animals in need and understand the importance of compassion.


Books N Barks at CARE Humane Society is more than just a reading event; it's a bridge

between the world of literature and the hearts of shelter animals. By participating in this

initiative, children and their families contribute to the well-being of these animals while creating

memories that last a lifetime. This monthly gathering serves as a shining example of how a

simple act, like reading to a furry friend, can make a world of difference in the lives of both

children and animals.

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