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Cat Companion Program at CARE

While cat companions is only one of the many volunteer opportunities with CARE

Humane Society, it’s something that’s near and dear to many volunteers’ hearts. When

volunteers sign up for a one-hour cat companion slot, they have the chance to snuggle with and

enjoy the company of the cats available for adoption or fostering at the shelter. Volunteers assist

the CARE Humane Society further by helping to keep the cats’ rooms and kennels clean and

comfortable for the kitties, as well as always ensuring that they have plenty of fresh, clean water

to drink. They increase the comfort of shelter cats with their cleaning efforts.

Cat companions also have the opportunity to learn about each individual cat and their

personality. Every cat has different needs, preferences, and temperaments, and cat companions

are one of the best ways for the humane society to learn more about the cats. Companions can

provide unique insight into what kinds of families each cat would be a good fit for and improve

the bios of the animals on the shelter’s website. Better bios increase the chances of the cat being adopted, which is always a good thing! Additionally, cat companions give the cats and kittens a chance to spend time outside of their kennels, which can often be a calming and beneficial experience for the animals.

Finally, interacting with cats has many positive benefits for the humans involved as well!

Studies have found that snuggling and playing with cats boosts positive emotions, as well as

helping reduce loneliness. All around, stopping in to help with the cats for just an hour can be

extremely rewarding for the volunteer, and help reduce the stress and anxiety of shelter animals.

Beyond that, who knows? You might find yourself falling in love with one of the

amazing cats that’s looking for a forever home.

Learn more about volunteering with CARE Humane Society on our website, underneath

the volunteer tab. Once you’ve completed the volunteer application and onboarding process,

you’ll be all set to start as a cat companion. Email Audrey, our Volunteer Coordinator, at with any questions!

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