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Lonely Hearts Club at LCHS

Written by: Audrey Salazar

LCHS Volunteer Coordinator

At the Lee County Humane Society, we are committed to providing the best possible care to our furry friends. We believe that every dog deserves a loving and caring home, which is why we have developed a special program called the Lonely Hearts Club. The Lonely Hearts Club is specifically designed for our longest-term canine residents who have been with us for an extended period of time. These dogs often require extra attention and care, which is why we have created this program to give them the special treatment they deserve.

Through the Lonely Hearts Club, we strive to promote these dogs and help them find their forever homes. We work tirelessly to match them with the right family and provide them with the love and care they need to thrive. Our goal is to ensure that every dog that enters our facility has the opportunity to find a permanent home and live a happy life.

To achieve this, we rely on the support of our volunteers and fosters who provide additional care and attention to these dogs. Our volunteers who are approved dog walkers, can take our dogs on walks around our shelter, or take them off-site to parks or other dog friendly places! This not only helps to socialize the dogs but also gives them a break from the kennel environment. Similarly, with fostering, our dogs get well-deserved time out of their kennels and in a home for a few days! Each of these also helps us learn more about the dogs’ personalities, helping us to match them with the right adoptive family!

In short, the Lonely Hearts Club is a testament to our commitment to the well-being of our furry friends. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to providing the best possible care to every dog that comes through our doors.

Meet our current Lonely Heart Club Dogs;

Hollis - Female, been with us for 272 days

Iggy - Female, been with us for 234 days, currently in a foster home!

Luna - Female, been with us for 229 days, currently in a foster home!

Emma - Female, been with us for 199 days

Alaska - Female, been with us for 197 days

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